Hello audience, welcome toĀ FilmsZilla. So, today Iā€™m going to discuss about torrents; without using any torrent client. I know some people use torrent clients likeĀ BitTorrentĀ orĀ UtorrentĀ but if you are in a place where the internet connection is protected by a proxy server or some other means you are unable to do torrent files download. If you arenā€™t able to use those clients so this blog is for you. So without wasting your time letā€™s get right into it.

The awesome method I would suggest which is seedr. is an extra-ordinary website, which is free come paid website. Usually you would get around 2GB of storage without referral link. You could upgrade them for free till 6 GB. How to do that in a minute but let me just introduce you to the this website firstly.

Its the front interface. This website is used to convert torrent links into direct download links so that you could just directly download them without using any torrent clients so firstly what you need to do is you need to paste the torrent URL right hereā€¦

If you press this plus icon right here it will just get added or the icon here as you could see it says upload .torrent file so if you download a torrent file from any website so you could just upload that right here and it does the same job as pasting the magnet url.So it will take a few seconds or a few minutes based on number of seeds or number of people downloading that torrent and immediately it give you a direct download link. You can just directly download that as a zip file or if you double click on that you will be able to download individual files thatā€™s a very good option.Now coming to up-gradation, if you see upgrade plans right here you will be able to get 30 GB storage 100 GB storage and 1 TB storage.

This is what storage basically now 5.5 or 6 GB is not a monthly limit or something like that. You can download unlimited GB no limit by dollar. But the only limit is at a time in a single slot I mean in this particular slot there should not be any torrents more than 5.5 or 6 GB what you have. You just canā€™t download a movie of size five point six or something or above like that. Any files that you download should be less than 5.5 GB.

Now coming to free up-gradation just you need to go right here and then you you could see right here earn free space so just tap on that!! Now you will be able to see these things firstly. Just go down here and this is your link that you can share this link with your friends. If any of your four friends accept this link for signup, you and he both of you will be getting a 500 MB of storage Added up. So 500 into 4 so 2 GB will be added up.That way and here if you see Twitter by tweet a review and receive 500 MB of storage. Personal Blog article on how Seedr helped you. YouTube video review. Pinterest post credits. So each one has their own weight age you can use each of them. You will be able to get if you are not able to avail any thing just be patient. They will not avail it immediately. They will be accepting yours I mean they need to check if yours is legit or not. Finally you will be able to get around to 4 GB without any cost.