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Chakra (2021)

Chakra (2021)

Feb. 19, 2021India2h 11 Min.
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49 robberies occurred on August 15th – Independence Day, with two masked robbers looting houses. The entire police force is clueless without the slightest lead or evidence. Gayathri, who is an Assistant Commissioner, kills a local thug before being given this case. She realizes that 50 houses were looted in total, with the 50th being the house of Chandru, her former love interest. Chandru’s grandmother gets injured in the theft in an attempt to safeguard the Ashoka Chakra medal, which was bestowed to Chandru’s late father. However, the thieves knocked her down and stole the medal. Now, it is Chandru’s personal mission to avenge them, retrieve the medal, and solve the case.

Chandru looks back at the case details and information from the victims to realize that the robbers had known the exact location of money and jewels in every house. He deduces that the robbers had visited every house beforehand and planned the theft to perfection. Hence, he writes down a list of people who can get access to people’s houses and realizes that a company known as Dial For Help, which provides household services like technician, plumber, etc., may be involved in the case. Hence, he heads to the headquarters and realizes that all 50 houses had been serviced by the company under a common number belonging to a dead man.

Chandru visits the dead man’s house, where the dead man’s widow explains that her husband was a good man who had died two years ago. Chandru, with no other clue, returns. Meanwhile, an unknown person calls the Police Commissioner and informs that he was responsible for all the thefts thus far. He also challenges the entire force that no one would be able to track him down.

Accepting this as a challenge, Chandru tries to provoke the unknown person, which appears to be successful as he gives a clue to his location – 00100. The police realize that it refers to a place and they rush to the place, only to find destroyed computers. Chandru reveals that he knew the person would have left but he only rushed to find any clue that he may have left. After some time, Chandru heads back to share his findings.

He reveals that the number 00100 was written on the walls in that place and that it was drawn in such a way that refers to the Queen and that the hacker had left a thumbprint on the mouse used to destroy all data. He further reveals that theft would occur in 58 more houses on August 23rd due to the CM’s arrival. Lastly, he reveals that the hacker that they were searching for thus far was not a man, but a woman.

The unknown hacker is revealed to be Leela, who works as a chess teacher. A flashback shows that a young Leela had loved her mother tremendously and wanted to study well to make her proud. Her alcoholic and abusive father tortures her mother every day. The next day, Leela wakes up to find her mother died while in her sleep. Her father, who finds out about this, later marries another woman with her two young sons. Later Leela’s father reveals that he and his new wife had suffocated and killed Leela’s mother. An enraged Leela kills both her father and stepmother using electricity. She uses her stepmother’s two sons as baits for her thefts. Next, a cat-and-mouse chase begins between Leela and Chandru, in which Chandru wins. The movie ends with an open end for a sequel where Leela challenges Chandru by uttering the words “The game begins”

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Chakra (2021)
IMDb Rating 8.2 10,000 votes




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