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Money Heist (2017 -) – Season 3: 2x1

We're Back

Over two years after the heist, Arturo gives a talk to a large crowd condemning the fugitive members of the gang who held him and others hostage at the Mint as “terrorists.” Meanwhile, Tokyo and Rio have relocated to Guna Yala, Panama, Nairobi and Helsinki to La Pampa, Argentina, and Denver, Mónica and her baby to Java, Indonesia. Wanting a change of scenery, Tokyo leaves Rio in Guna Yala for the city. As she leaves, Rio gives her one of two phones so they can still communicate, phones which he bought on the black market in Casablanca from a Libyan claiming to be unregistered. Three days later, the two use the phones, and their signal is immediately detected by Europol. The Panamanian police trap and arrest Rio, but Tokyo escapes. She calls the Professor using a secure line, and is transported to Thailand where they meet. Meanwhile, Rio is tortured. The Professor, alongside Raquel, gets the gang back together to rescue Rio. The professor enlists three new members, Bogotá, Palermo and Marseille, into the gang and begins planning an assault on the Bank of Spain, from an Italian monastery.

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Money Heist (2017 -) – Season 3
Jul. 19, 2019